Why Choose Us?

At Plant-Based Eatz, our goal is to put a plant-based spin on southern traditional foods to gourmet cravings connecting you to the past and creating a healthier future through our irresistible prepared meals, catering, and cooking classes.  We're simply redefining what it means to be healthy inside and out by providing nourishing meals made from whole ingredients that can have a real impact on overall health. Live your life beyond the salad bowl. We are committed to maintaining a sustainable plant-based lifestyle and actively working towards lowering our carbon footprint and preserving our planet’s natural resources through our animal-free menu and mindful ingredient sourcing.

I ordered a vegan cheese spread. It was a cheese tray with fruit, crackers and a cheese spread. It was absolutely awesome. My family loved it. Not only did it look good it tasted good. I will differently order from her again.

Vicky Barrera
Happy Client

About Us

Chef Kay Brown,

store owner

Chef Kay Brown came from humble beginnings. Being raised in the South by her grandparents, where fresh foods from the garden were plentiful, her love for good Southern Cuisine blossomed. She was inspired by how food can tell a story and convey cultural ideas, as well as how it brings people together. However, her passion took a shift when her grandfather died of a massive heart attack. His dietary choices took a toll on his health and it was then that Chef Kay (the young chef) realized the relationship between food and health. She started her mission on health at 14 years old and it grew into what is now known as Plant-Based Eatz LLC.

Kay is the Executive Chef at Plant-Based Eatz LLC where everything is 100 percent vegan all of the time. Although she continued her mission on health and healing through food, her inspiration for her company started while she was active duty in the Marine Corps. She transitioned to a vegan lifestyle to enhance her performance and to have more energy. Her results were amazing. Improving her health played a significant role in her decision to continue a plant-based lifestyle and share it with her clients. She decided to take a spin on her traditional southern roots by keeping the flavors and memories while taking out all of the “bad stuff.” Her mission at Plant-Based Eatz LLC isn’t to make people vegan, it’s about helping people make better food choices and eating healthier by consuming more fruits, vegetables, and good whole foods.

Chef Kay also owns a fitness company, Sweat N Swag LLC, where she teaches fitness classes and trains clients about the importance of fitness/exercise and the effects it has on health along with a well-balanced diet. She has a Professional Plant-Based Certification from Rouxbe Culinary School. She also has a Master’s of Science in Nutrition.